Using insight to improve quality

Our Insight platform provides you with the tools to monitor and improve the quality of people and processes, and provide effective oversight of key customer outcomes and business quality benchmarks.

Within the Financial Services market there is a heavy regulatory and compliance requirement to ensure the business operates in a compliant and legal manner.

Firms must adopt appropriate systems and control to protect consumers, manage conduct risk and mitigate reputational damage.

The quality of your people and business processes are fundamental to the ongoing success of any business. At Redland, the ability to improve the quality and integrity of your people, and business processes is embedded within our technology platform ‘Insight’


Insight improves individual and process quality by providing:

    • People specific KPIs and business defined Red Amber Green ‘RAG’ rated risk assessments.
    • Integration with existing systems and data feeds to provide a single picture of people’s performance, compliance, risk, conduct and competency.
    • Effective risk based approach to Business Quality Checking rules
    • Comprehensive Case checking process management
    • Consistent distribution of policy across the business
    • Auditable and robust record keeping and version control
    • Powerful integrated workflow and e-mail notifications
    • Identification of individual and business development needs
    • Support for Continuing Professional Development
    • A pro-active culture towards meeting compliance requirements
    • Removal of manual data collation points and errors

Manage related compliance processes through Redland technology such as:

    • Fully compliant Complaints process management and reporting
    • Financial Promotions management
    • Remuneration Regulations (REMCODE STAFF)
    • Training scheduling and booking management
    • Recruitment process control
    • Generic Case Management to support many existing business processes

“The implementation project ran very smoothly, to time and budget. We don’t expect software projects to run like this!”

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