Performance Management System

Redland’s technology provides top down oversight and dashboard management of your business processes, people performance metrics, trends and risks.

Professional and agile businesses need to ensure that individuals and the organisation performs effectively.

Redland’s technology provides top down oversight and dashboard management of your business processes, people performance metrics, trends and risks.

Our customers use governance risk and compliance as an active enabler to help drive best practice and business improvement.

Effective oversight through technology

    Key Features Include:

    • Performance against the regulatory requirements of the Financial Services Accountability and Compliance regimes
    • Performance against your specific business standards (e.g. KPIs, SLAs, Complaints)
    • RAG dashboard management of key controls
    • People centric performance assessment (e.g. Assessments, performance reviews)
    • Performance of your systems and controls in mitigating risk and adverse outcomes



    Performance management

    Performance management solutions offer a range of benefits to companies and organisations from all kinds of industries, especially the finance sector. Technological solutions offering greater clarity and dashboard management for business processes are available, and these can help employers identify trends, assess risks and benefit from people performance metrics. Such solutions can boost the performance of organisations and the individuals that work for them considerably.

    The appetite for performance management solutions

    There has been a growing demand for performance management facilities over recent years. Technological advances have made it much easier for companies and organisations to track performance and mitigate risk whilst getting the best out of their employees. They can be of considerable benefit not only to employers but the individuals working for them too.

    Motivation and objectivity

    Performance management software is designed to help you motivate your staff, enable them to fulfil their potential and save time. It’s essential that companies and organisations continue to assess their staff on their performance if they are to thrive in a competitive world. The information recorded by performance management systems makes it easier to give an objective view based on accurate information when reviews take place, with the systems also allowing you to see how your employees are faring with goals and targets attached to them. Such systems give you a real-time overview of performance, allowing you to make the necessary changes before it is too late.


Our solution replicates your organisational and supervisory management structures and provides tiered reporting, oversight and information dashboards. These are used to highlight trends, identify risk and help drive tangible performance improvement over time.

In essence Insight can help deliver business performance improvement alongside ensuring that your people and processes are meeting regulatory and business needs.



Features of performance management solutions

Features of the solutions available to you can include optimising regulatory requirements, outlining your performance against specific business standards like key performance indicators and complaints, dashboard management of key controls, people-centric performance assessments including performance reviews, risk and adverse outcome mitigation and replication of your specific organisational and supervisory management structures. A range of reporting, oversight and information dashboard facilities can be used to identify risks, drive performance and highlight trends.

Set goals and meet them

When you take advantage of performance management software, you can set dynamic goals and ensure everyone is on the same page. You can also set primary goals and attach specific team members to them, removing confusion and restoring harmony to the workplace. Performance management software gives employers a clearer insight into employee performance and offers a real-time view of how things are progressing. Modern performance management solutions offer valuable information on competence and skills gaps, making it easier for employers to identify issues and swiftly decide upon ways to resolve them.

About Redland

At Redland, we offer state-of-the-art performance management technology designed to boost business and people performance. We have provided such services for a wide range of financial companies and can help you manage business processes, people performance metrics, trends and risks. When your business is operating at maximum performance, you can heighten your revenue, boost workplace morale and secure future success. To learn more about our performance management solutions, contact us today by calling +44 (0)1527 871938 or sending a message to

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