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Working with Redland will embed an evidential system of competence within your business, develop your staff, deliver better outcomes and protect your reputation.

At Redland we know that competence is key to success. This is even more prevalent in an FCA regulated firm. Ensuring people are competent to carry out their role within an organisation is a central tenet of the FCAs Training and Competence sourcebook (TC).

As regulation continues to evolve and widen, ensuring your systems and controls fully support the management of competency is key. This is where the breadth, depth & potential of Insight puts you a step ahead.

Proper Competency management embeds professionalism across your business.

It is designed to engender and support cultural values, protect your reputation and develop your most valuable asset: your people.

Competent staff conducting themselves professionally and aligned with corporate policy, is not a compliance requirement it is a business imperative.

The widening of regulation focussed on Training and Competency across market sectors means firms must have clear systems, processes and controls to achieve sustained competency management.

modern robust & flexible t&c

Redland’s competence management capability provides:

    • A solution that underpins our clients’ approach to T&C across all required roles
    • Consistent route to competence and on-going competence tracking
    • Business specific competence assessments and record keeping
    • On line competency testing management supporting customer specific testing regimes to ensure ongoing market and technical knowledge
    • Licence framework to prevent unauthorised sales and support career development
    • Integration with existing Learning Management Systems, E-learning and testing materials.
    • A solution to deliver a single view of competency with which to satisfy the related Certification requirements of the SM&CR regime

Our technology platform also provides:

    • Extensive support for the related areas of Continual Professional Development (CPD) under both the Retail Distribution Review (RDR) and the Insurance Distribution Directive requirements (IDD)
    • The ability to manage and track the required activity to attain a ‘Statement of Professional Standing’ (SPS)
    • An individual to have a CPD plan within which to record their activity, learning objectives and reflective learning

“We were impressed with Redland’s flexibility and responsiveness to system enhancements and the release schedule – they were at times even quicker than advertised.”

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