Accountability Regime Solutions for SM&CR

Redland has developed an award-winning set of Accountability solutions to fully support the specific requirements of the SM&CR Regime.

The need to Strengthen Individual Accountability is at the heart of the SM&CR regime, and the FCA and the PRA believe that holding individuals to account is a key component of effective regulation. Our Accountability solution has been specifically designed  from the ‘ground up’ to meet the rigorous needs of the SMR, Certification and SIMR. The system has been proven in use since the advent of the regime and provides complete confidence that your regulatory obligations are met. Under ‘Accountability 2’ there will be a widening of the regime across the breadth of the market. Firms impacted by the inbound regulation can be assured that through our ongoing technology investment, we will ensure that our Accountability solution keeps apace with future regulatory requirements.

Proven and trusted SM&CR ‘RegTech’

    Senior Managers Regime:

    • Management and production of MAPS (MRM)
    • Automatic compliance validation
    • Creation and maintenance of ‘SORS’
    • Committee management
    • Matrix reporting and 2nd tier reporting lines
    • Map drafting and audited approval processes
    • Automatic customised Map output
    • Recording of Reasonable Steps
    • Handover processes
    • Manage primary and 2nd tier reporting lines
    • Regulatory application & regulatory references


    Conduct Regime:

    • Code of Conduct rule adherence management
    • Breach recording and management
    • Breach reporting to the Regulator

    Certification Regime:

    • Fit and proper assessment (FIT)
    • Competency assessments
    • Business process ‘Life Cycle’ requirements
    • Online competency testing
    • Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
    • Management of Regulatory References
    • Identification of Certified Individuals
    • Fully compliant Certificate records and renewal tracking
    • Reporting and dashboard management of the Certification Regime
    • Automatic Certificate production and storage

“Redland’s SM&CR Software is the clear market leader. It helps to protect firms, and their staff, against regulatory non-compliance, which might otherwise result in sanctions, fines and reputational damage”

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